5V USB Pi Power Module

5V USB Pi Power module

This is a design for a very cheap and simple power adapter. It converts the approx. 9V DC typically used with fischertechnik models to the 5V required by the Raspberry Pi. If only a power supply is needed it can be used e.g. instead of the TX-Pi HAT.

The PiPower mainly consists of one of those ubiquitous LM2596 based DC-DC converters which can easily be found on ebay and similar sites.

For the connection on fischertechnik side two flush sleeve of 8.4mm length are being used.

The connection to the Raspberry Pi is done via some short micro USB cable. The Delock 82697 works nicely but you can also cut any ordinary micro USB cable.

Parts for the pi power module

The flush sleeves and the cable are soldered to the DC-DC converter and everything is placed in the case. The cable can additionally be secured to the case using a cable tie. Provide power to the adapter and use a screwdriver to adjust the output voltage to 5V. Once done close the case using two M3 (3mm) flat head screws with 6-8mm length.

Assembled pi power module


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