TX-Pi HAT / ft HAT

HAT with breakout board

The TX-Pi HAT can be used with the Raspberry Pi2, Pi3 and Pi4. The USB and Ethernet connectors of the Pi then protrude into the are of the HATs bottom case. The HATs case thus needs cutouts in the bottom to accomodate the connectors of the Pi. Since the Pi2 and Pi3 have their connectors at different locations then the Pi4. The bottom case of the HAT must be choosen to fit the connectors of the Raspberry Pi below.

Bottom for use with Pi4
Bottom for use with Pi2/Pi3

Additionally four countersunk M2.5 screws of 12mm length are needed.

You may have to bend the part of the top covering the power button a little bit to prevent it from permanently pressing the button.

Breakout board

The top side of the HAT is unusable if a display is mounted on its top. Thus the fischertechnik connectors of the HAT are connected via the so-called breakout board.

A mounting plate for the breakout board allows to mount the board at the model. The mounting plate exists in two versions. One comes with a seperate cover to protect the PCB and the connectors and to match the style of the other cases. The basic version depicted below has no top cover.

Breakout mounted on basic plate
Mounting plate basic
Mounting plate bottom
Mounting plate top